Mr. Akira Ito, Subway Lapan Inc.

Born in Kanagawa. He was affected by father of the baseball fan and belonged to a little league. He began table tennis from a junior high school; he participated such as the prefectural tournament. He graduated from Yokohama Senior High School producing a famous baseball player including Mr. Matsuzaka by results of the first place; he entered Meiji University Faculty of Commerce. In the school days, he took a trip to whole Japan and added to his stock of knowledge. He hoped for the trading company, but it was attracted in the free climate and joined Suntory Holdings Limited. In 1986, he transferred to international department restaurant Division, and he left for his new post as sub-manager to Madrid, Spain in 1988. In 1991, he was promoted to restaurant Suntory Madrid general manager. he successively hold the important post including the director of sales of Japan Subway in April, 98, the director of marketing in April, 99, and the executive director sales and marketing division in April, 2000, in October, 2003, he took office as a president-director.


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