Mr. Takashi Goto, Ryoma


Born in Tokyo. His father ran the Chinese restaurant in Shinjuku. It was the person in the artisan spirit who was strong opposition when it was said that Mr. Goto became a teacher later. It does not think that the teacher made a profit that was excuse. In addition, the habitual saying of his father who does not graduate from the elementary school was “do your studies”. He went to the second Junior High School of Nihon University of the private schools; he just advanced to the high school. But he was keen on surfing from the junior high school days, so he became wanting to become a professional of the surfing rather than going to the university. He went to the vocational school and after graduation and he once studied abroad. He got a license of the pilot of the helicopter over there. But he drifted from job to job after return, at the 26 years old, he moved to Chiba for a surfing-centered life. The work that he experienced until independence is about 30. He laughs that he became the first time a member of society when he became independent at 35 years old. As of July, 2011, it opened, and 5 years passed. It is taken up a lot in the media, and the sales are smooth. I asked a popular privacy. So he answered “How is this?” I think that the elusive the human nature is Mr. Goto.


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