Mr. Toru Takigawa, UPLINES Inc.


Born in Shiga. After graduated from the University, he has experienced personnel affairs at a hospital for ten years. He ran the cram school and became independent, achieved success, but he challenged “food business” for larger impression with many people. After the effort of 3 years, with gyoza which he developed “Gyu ton pou (trademark 4520228th)” he won at “the national gyoza well-known store confrontation (NAMCO & Nippon Television sponsorship)”. By the popularity, he recorded sales of top at the gyoza stadium branch company which NAMCO sponsored. Even TV, a magazine were introduced frequently, he got a prize of the world’s first gold medal with “a gyoza” in world food contest “Mond selection” in June, 2008. As of January, 2012, that company develops produce business, food business, education-related business, business support business. He manages “gyoza & men Paou”(3 stores), the other 4 stores by the food business. Incidentally, it is possible to eat “Gyu ton Pou” at 17 stores including a license shop as well as a store.


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