Mr. Daisuke Mochizuki, Pleasure Company Ltd.

He is from Kofu-shi, Yamanashi. He was at Asia University, was studying abroad to the U. S.. After graduation, he went to Australia on working holiday. He has spent there for 2 years, came back. After then, he joined GLOBAL-DINING INC.. Through the manager of “Monsoon Cafe”, an area manager, he quitted in 2010. He proceeded on the independence and starting a business way. In April of the year, he opened “Asian bistro Dai” in Tama plaza. On the next year 2011, he opened 2 stores “Fujigaoka”, “Shinyurigaoka”. “Getting Asian essence into the bistro cuisine” is a concept. It is reasonable price decision, but it keeps high quality and services even in either.


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