Mr. Yoshihiro Watanabe, senkichi Co.,Ltd.


Born in Koriyama-shi, Fukushima. The eldest sons of 3 brothers, there were a younger sister, a younger brother. He began the part-time job in Yoshinoya from a high school days. He dropped out a vocational school, in spite of the objection from the parents, he joined Yoshinoya. After he has worked at Nagoya for 12 years, at Osaka for 3years, and to Senkichi Co., Ltd. of affiliated company. With transfer from an area manager to a plan director. He got business of “Senkichi” on track; he took office as president and representative director in March, 2012. At the present, he develops 6 Senkishi “of Chinese character” of specializing in curry udon and 7 Senkichi “of hiragana” of specializing in curry udon.


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