Mr. Takashi Yamada, kaiho-kan

Born in Onagawa-cho, Miyagi. He was born as the eldest son of the family which ran a restaurant, so he helped such as home delivery from elementary school student; he aimed for the independence as chefs someday. After graduated from Furukawagionji high school “the present Osakichuo high school”, he went to Tokyo and joined Tengu Co.,Ltd. “the present TEN ALLIED Co.,Ltd.”. Besides, after Izakaya Suikoden, he was independent and opened the long-cherished restaurant at 27 years old. At the present, it bundle up a group which Yamagin Co., Ltd., and corporation does store operation such as “Tsukiji Kiho-kan”. He serves also the director of Tsukiji circulation business association and an adviser of JSK; he makes an effort for activation of Tsukiji and manpower training, too. Nejiri-hachimaki is his trademark and he is a person who is sense of duty and kind.


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