Mr. Hiroshi Iwata, Vitality

Born in Asakusa, Tokyo. After graduated from a junior high school, he worked Chinese restaurant “Toryu” at Yaesu, Tokyo for 5 years. In 1997, he joined the major food service company, he held successively such as kitchen person in charge, a store person in charge, an area manager. He quitted that company in December 2008, established VITALITY Co., Ltd… February 2009 of following year, he opened the first store “Toribancho” in Kodenmacho”. He starts this with putting a branch store, and he managed 3 stores of “Toribancho”, 6 stores of “Nihon Yakiniku Tou”, “Buta Daimon Ichiba” by 3 business conditions now. He is one of the young managers paid the most attention to now.


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