Mr. Kazunori Komiya, TETSU


Born in Tokyo. He was born and immediately moved to Kagawa Takamatsu of Shikoku by a transfer of father and spend it until a first grader. He moved to Nishitokyo-shi at the same time to enter the elementary school and spent it until 18 years old there. He entered to the high school once, but it was only three days that I attended school by summer vacation and dropped out it. After that, He joined the temporary material-related prefab house company, but he made up my mind and went to Australia alone. After came back, he entered the college, he was admitted into the four-year university. He joined FAST RETAILING CO., LTD and quitted it in 2 years. After having changed its job in SECOM, he became independent at 28 years old. He opened s tsuke-men store of 9 seats of about 26 ㎡in Sendagi. At the present, opens 14 stores. It is often taken up in the media. It is the manager of the hottest stock now.


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