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“Insyoku no Sensitachi”is a serial column site that introduces the way of life from birth until independence of the Japanese restaurant company presidents who lead Japanese food business.
We have introduced more than 400 top restaurant company presidents ever since this site was born in 2008.

One president who has a high educational background to the graduate school,
One president who was mischievous when he was young,
One president who is a Japanese representative large company’s founder,
One top owner chef who is being a great demand in the mass media,
One foreign president who came to Japan and achieved success.
As stated above,
lots of unique presidents are in Japan and each of them are running the characteristic restaurant.

The food business is maintaining to continue growing in Japan that accepts world versatile food culture without refusing it and sublimates it into Japanese original culture.

These top presidents who are developing and supporting the food business are the person who takes Japanese growth.

We realized to succeed in building the great social network through this serial column site when we look back.

We think we can help your business with our social network.
We thought so, we started to make the English version of “Insyoku no Sensitachi”on this occasion.

Please contact us if you want to meet the president who you are interested in.
We may be able to introduce him to you.
We would be really happy if we could connect your business.
We hope we can help you.

Thank you.

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