Mr. Hidemasa Otani, LD&Kinc.

He was born in Toyohashi-shi, Aichi. He joined the space produce company, when he was student of Department of Sociology, College of Humanities & Sociences,Nihon University. He founded a company by himself at the same time, and took office as the representative. After graduated from the University, he became independent and open in earnest, and ran the music office, the label. Meanwhile, he opened the restaurant of uniquely concept including “Udagawa cafe” of popular in Shibuya. As of 2014, the number is 17 stores. he opened the social meeting place “Shanghai ROSE” which reused the landmark architecture of Shanghai Waitān, he acted the general manager (representative) of Shanghai corporation “上海利徳其(LDK)餐飲管理有限公司”.


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