Mr. Kouji Kinoshita, M&K Co.,Ltd.

Born in the present Sennichimachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa. He is the second son in the youngest child of 4 brothers. Father advanced to the way of the craftsman overcoming objection of mother; it was a person of the success in life that established a building company. The second son Mr. Kinoshita succeeded the company which this father founded. Mr. Kinoshita is descended from his father of businessman who also had deeply independent since the days of a child; he began learning at such as architect office at the same time of graduation from the high school. He became the president at 27 years old for the second generation. After a while he gave the company to nephew, he looked for a new business. Through technical cooperation among different industries, he has met a president Nobuo Tokuno of the major company of the conveyer for Kaitensushi, JAPAN CRESCENT Co., Ltd.; he developed an idea of Kaitensushi chain store. In 1995, he opened the Kaitensushi of the high quality unlike the conventional Kaitensushi. At the present, he develops seafood, Japanese food shop including “Kanazawa Maimon sushi” outside the country.


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