Mr. Shinya Nakajima, EPLGA co. ltd.

Born in Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka and breeding in Takaishi-shi that is Osaka south area. His father worked at first section market company, his mother ran the boutique. There is One older sister who is 2 years old older. It was sports boy in the elementary school days; it became the junior high school and came to disport with bad company. He entered a high-ranked school, but an event happened there too. After graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University, he joined Takashimaya co.,ltd. he was in charge of luxurious import goods from the first year. He made a figure stand out, 9 years later, he be transferred to New York. After that, he met the popular buyer Yukio Fujimaki of Isetan, left from Takashimaya; he challenged the rebirth of the long-established bag maker. But he failed it. Driven by regret, he joined Starbucks Coffee Company in 2003. He wonderfully regenerated the company which was signs of declining in those days. At the 39 years old, he established EPLGA co. ltd., in August, 27. At the present, he develops consulting business and restaurant business; he tries for construction of Japan Platform that is retransmission of Japan. In addition, he launches general corporate judicial person Shiyukai and he serves as the representative Director.


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