Mr. ArnestM.Higa, Wendy’s Japan LLC

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 15, 1952. He has lived in Switzerland until I graduated from an elementary school and he went the American school in Japan from the junior high school. He has spent the college life at Pennsylvania University Wharton School and he obtained MBA in a graduate school of Columbia University in America. Once he joined a company which was founded by his father and was run by his older brother, but he launched own. After by import and sales of wood and the medical equipment, he opened “Dominos Pizza” in Ebisu, Tokyo in 1985. He put a branch with great vigor. He fixed the delivery to home pizza in Japan, not to mention the delivery to home system, even a pioneer of the introduction of the order system on the Internet. he sold the Dominos Pizza as if he finished a mission once, but on December 27, 2011 he made advances to re-landing of the major burger chain of US “Wendy’s®” again .

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