Mr. Yasuharu Fujino, NEXT STAGE JAPAN Co.LTD.

He is from Hirano-ku, Osaka. He raised the living expenses by newspaper delivery; he began a single life at the time of first grade at a junior high school. In a high school days, he received the great prize at the convention of music in that meet 3 years in a row. He was the sole winner in the several prizes of the contest and so on. He aimed for the major debut and was absorbed in music; on the other hand, I experienced various types of kind of occupation and the job. He dealt with CM production, a martial art theme song and produced “Johnny Okura ,”” Akikawa Masashi” and others, he had the career that joint produce with “Dengeki Network Gyuzou” and supported “Mana Kana”. at the present, musician union product meeting secretary‐general. He is the representative multi-producer of Japan who deals with the music, movies, hula Hawaiian music and various show production too. He deals with the direction of the fashion show “Tokyo collection” of the biggest in Japan.


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